Tuesday 9 August 2016

The Winds of Change...

Yes it's time for something new - and that is, finally, my new website!  This is officially the last post on the old site, as from now on all my Blog posts will be on the new website (where you will also find all the old posts from when I first started blogging back in February 2012 - that's a lot of posts!)  As you will see when you click on the link below, the new website is not only a place to share my writing but is also a place to share my art.

Here's the link: click right here!

See you there!

Tuesday 2 August 2016

The Frustration Invitation

Like most people I find myself pretty busy these days, even whilst on school summer holidays from Knowledge College.  And I love how such busyness affords multi-levelled opportunities for stepping up - in all the ways that we Know the truth of.   That can be very practical, such as eating food according to what would be good as opposed to letting eating be governed by want feelings.  And living life applying John's teaching also means that continuous noticing of where we are coming from, relaxing and staying open.   From there, loving what we Know the truth of in our hearts opens the door to unlimited potential in terms of letting our own Being govern our way of being in this life.  When we notice ourselves becoming frustrated, that's simply an indication of a wrong orientation and it's actually such a wonderful invitation to soften right there and to let go of what it is that we're believing that we need to go our own way.  The real truth is that there is only one way and that's the way you quietly Know the truth of within.  

Whilst on this school break, I've been enjoying listening to old John de Ruiter tapes on my stereo whilst working away in my art studio and it's a great way to keep in touch with his teaching.  As ever, I find John's teaching to be simply supreme, inviting everything in us that's upside-down to turn right-side up.  That's all about bringing the deep right up to the surface - and in that, seeing that any hint of frustration is really an invitation...

Until next time,
and YES the new website is imminent (really!) 

Tuesday 26 July 2016


Dear ones, how's it going?  How has it been for you this past week?  And by the way I want to say a special 'hi' to whomever is reading my Blog (pretty extensively) in Russia!  Yes I know - I can see it on the stat's!  Wherever you are,  in digging deeper within and overcoming negative thoughts and feelings caused by the pressure of being in this world, you're not alone!

In exploring what it is to travel deeper within, it's clearly much easier to do so alone in the middle of the night than it is in the midst of this crazy old world (during the day) - but it's good to do both I reckon.  Whilst different environments are naturally going to produce different experiences, it's all valid; always worth moving deeper within than the surface, because that deeper orientation to what is True within then guides our outer forms and behaviour; this is how it works.  I've been seeing once again how any sort of closing within my own system, any reaction towards another (because of them being in reaction for example) only puts me in the same, and it's simply not my love, it's not true to be that way - and such moments are an opportunity.  For it is then that the road, so to speak, is presented right there when the old tendency would be to close and harden my heart - I can instead simply walk that road .. all differently.  To all of you who are reading this and who are doing the same, I want to say to you right now that it's truly wonderful that you are doing it, that you continue to pick yourself up and keep going gently forward, opening and softening in the midst of this world which isn't like our own Beings.   You're not alone; we're all in this together and each time we are being and doing what we Know - that which is all deeper than the accustomed self and this world (and so lovely!) - we are truly helping to make everything so much better even if we're not seeing immediate results ...  keep going, it's so good.
Until next time,
Shanti   :)

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Doing your best

For those of us with a strong orientation to live a somewhat deeper life - i.e. not be completely absorbed by the Matrix, forever running around trying to find satisfaction from something outside of us - we do of course still have that surface existence to take care of.  Whilst it may not be what is most important in one's daily life, what we choose to do in this world presents all sorts of challenges as well as opportunities.   I've got a quote on my fridge, taken from an old John de Ruiter tape, which says:

"Being true within
while doing your very best without."

To me, being true within does need to come first and that's all about a deeper orientation; having an open heart and relaxing amidst the craziness of this world and not buying into the Matrix of illusion and tension.  After that, there's the practical necessities such as taking care of your physical body, your home and so forth and how to earn the money which we all need in order to live in this world.   In all of this, it's so key to keep moving forward and not to give up or get disheartened by the difficulties and challenges we face.  For me, it's been challenging trying to get my new website up - yes, it's still on its way! - but I see that such challenges also help me to grow and apply the truth of John's teaching in a practical way - it's where the rubber hits the road so to speak; without the road, there's no traction...  With so much to take care of, there's so much opportunity to keep moving forward and stepping up wherever we see we can do better.  Living life with integrity and applying that honesty in everything that is ours to take care of - that will put a real smile on your face and in your heart too ... 

Until next time,

Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Warrior's Walk

The Summer Seminar here at Knowledge College has now ended, leaving us to put into practice all that we've learned so far.  And whilst it's wonderful to listen to John's words of wisdom and to be imbued with his strong transmission of the Truth, it's quite another opportunity to face the coming weeks of no meetings with a warrior's walk.  It is one thing to walk this world in the way we've been conditioned to walk it, blindly believing the matrix of illusion so ingrained within and without, but to believe instead only what we most deeply know the truth of, is to walk a different path indeed.  This is true whether you are here attending Knowledge College or living elsewhere.  As John spoke during Saturday's evening meeting:

"Give everything to your unseen existence."  

To me, the difference between the illusion constantly presented by living in this world and the real truth within has never been more starkly contrasted, more clear.  As this world continues to move in ways that bring us challenges and experiences of difficulty, the way to walk it is increasingly dissimilar and all unseen.  The warrior's walk is done through what we know is true within and is so different to this world and our wrongly conditioned way of perceiving.  In not relating to life in that old conditioned way - most easily noticed by tension within the physical body and negative thoughts or emotions - we can move instead only according to that subtle and altogether different way of being within.

  "The way within is how you be in your self and your person.
Not informed by this world,
not informed by your sense of self and your past,
not informed by any teaching,
not informed by a learning;
                    informed by you, Knowing."  (JdR, Day 6, Sat 2 July).

In aligning with John's transmission, we are more easily acquainted with this different way of perceiving - that of Knowing - but even if we're not being supported by such a strong transmission, we still Know, still love that quiet resonance of truth within.
Believe what you Know - not the matrix - and know that you are not alone in your warrior's walk.  Every time you align within to that quiet inner yes to what you Know, you are holding hands with your unseen and perhaps as yet unmet brothers and sisters all walking in that same golden light.  The warrior's walk helps not only in your own evolution but that of this planet and far beyond.  Wherever you may be, keep choosing Knowing and give nothing to negativity - you, so quietly, know better.

Until next time,

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Incomprehensible to an artificial world

The title of this week's post comes directly from John during last night's evening meeting, mid-way through the Summer Seminar here at Knowledge College.  It was part of a beautiful talk where he was speaking of the same richness of  Being and not to the surface illusory self which, like this world, relates to gain and loss so differently to how our Being relates.  John exemplifies the truth of this profound teaching, as we see him being that constant openness towards everyone - producing that same beautiful richness of Being.

I'll give you some more quotes directly, but I just want to say too that this Seminar is highly unusual with John's transmission being stronger again and much finer.  I think it was the last seminar when I spoke of the roof coming off here - well in any case, since day one of this seminar, it's not only the roof, but the walls and the floor too - as what is being opened up here by John enables unlimited access now to all that is beyond this world.  Yes, unfathomable to this world and to the self programmed not to see beyond it.  But now the gates are open - come out of the box en masse!

            "What you are one with, you are."    (day 7)
"The sense of self
doesn't belong to the self,
           it belongs exclusively to the Being."   (day 8)
"The Being just freely moves
within the sense of self.
Any presence within gain is the Being,
any presence within loss is the Being
          - flourishing within any given path."   (day 8)
"It is the difference between
the 'I' belonging to it's self
or the 'I' belonging to what it Knows.
The Knowing is inclusive of all the levels.
The self is inclusive of the person and it's life
                     and nothing deeper."              (day 8)
"Instead of gain revealing
how much you get of what you like,
gain reveals how deep you go;
gain reveals your Being
              - and loss, equally so."       (day 8) 
"All the way through
           there is no good, but you."   (day 8)
"Weighted because it's given form,
it's lived, in form.
Particularly within an environment 
that isn't like that yet.
            This goodness has no opposite."    (day 8)
There is really, only what we Know, but it takes that subtle shift of awareness to that which is all deeper than the conditioned self belonging to the programme of this world, for us to See and to be what we truly are.  When we stop relating to the pervasive illusory sense of that little self, we perceive everything so differently, perceiving through what we Know is true and not what this world has told us is true.  It's like seeing with your heart and not through the veils of illusion which, by the way, are most definitely being systematically removed! About time, too.

Before I sign off today a word about the new website which is about to be born.  It's going to be bigger and there will be more to look at, but for those who simply enjoy reading my weekly blog posts, they will all be there on the new website (over four and a half years' worth!) and the weekly posts will continue just the same.  It's coming super soon!

Until next time, (come out of the box, en masse!)

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Magical, fantastical, timely and true!

The Summer Seminar is off to a sparkling start here at Knowledge College this year with John's transmission during last night's meeting (day one) being noticeably thicker.  It's such an interesting unseen thing, his transmission; it's kind of everything in This and thus perhaps worth me expanding upon somewhat.  Unseen to the accustomed way of looking, in order to perceive it you need first to relax and become most quieted and gentled inside, attuning as awareness to what is customarily overlooked.  For although his transmission is clearly powerful, (just ask those who go to the Chair), in order to fully perceive and receive it we must first attune, as awareness, to what is most subtle.  Once you're in a stream of a deeper level within and particularly one that is attuned to John's powerful transmission during a seminar, it is then somewhat describable although it's other worldliness makes it difficult to do so adequately.  The more gone you are as awareness into such a transmission, the more of a challenge it can be to say anything about it at all, kind of like being awestruck by being in a magical place we simply don't have any language for.  It's substance is like a thick unseen plasma, nectarful energy able to be consumed only via directly relating to it; direct knowledge of it.  I see how John masterfully multi-tasks in This, working directly both with the questioner in the Chair, the room as a whole and more.  Last night, one of the questioners likened what she was seeing as she looked at John as him being "like a star" - yes, deeper seeing means you cannot help but see him radiating a light far beyond this world. 

With our own sun being itself a star at the heart of our solar system, it's influence extending far beyond our own planet and without which there'd be no life on this Earth, so too I see how John's light encoded transmission gives such marvelous unseen energy to all on this planet and far beyond, transmitting Higher Knowledge full of transcendental Love.  For those of us here participating in this year's Summer Seminar, we are the front line recipients of  such sparkling new information, the ingestion of which, whilst it includes our own selves and physical systems, continues to move and to ripple out throughout this world and far beyond - moving what is unseen into the seen and transforming all.  Magical, fantastical, timely and true!  And so powerful.   Paradoxically when we attune as awareness into those subtle all deeper and other worldly streams of Higher Knowledge & Love it's all pretty normal - 'cos when you're in that kind of unseen substance, that's all you know and all you breathe, all there truly is.  For those of us in love with Truth, there's nothing quite like it is there?  You don't see it with accustomed eyes, you won't know it through accustomed thoughts and feelings, but you can always know it directly when you become gentled, quieted and go deeper within.  And whilst some have more of a challenge discerning what is all deeper within than the accustomed self and this world, even during such a seminar as this, for all of us everywhere there is always the tiny little bit that you do know the truth of in your heart - always restful, smiling, simple.

If you're here for this seminar, relax, enjoy, attune to the subtle and continue to do so even after you exit those doors at the back of the hall.  It's summer here, time to radiate - what we receive from John's transmission, what we gently, quietly and truly love the most, what we Know...

Until next time,